Short coated, small to medium size outgoing and playfull family pet. Lovely nature and temperament.


Ideal for people wanting a slightly smaller version of a Labrador. Trainable and family friendly.


Medium size, bred to take the edge of the natural hunting instincts of the Beagle. Great companions and wonderful for families.


A Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier and Poodle. Our most popular breed. Ideal for families, trainable, sociable and definately great companions.


Mini Labardoodles are lower shed and more medium in size. Playful, sociable and intelligent.


Cavalier crossed with a Labrador. Medium size, generally short coated, great family pet.


Mini Groodles are smaller than a Retriever, lower shed and very trainable. Will make great companions.


Maltalier is a cross between a Maltese and a Cavalier. Soft gentle nature, low shed, fantastic first family pet.


Cavalier crossed with a Cocker Spaniel. Outgoing and playful, very sociable and great with children.


Schanuzer crossed with a Mini Poodle. Non shed coat, trainable, sociable and family friendly.


Cocker Spaniel crossed with a Golden Retriever. Ideal for families that want a smaller Golden Retriever. Sociable, trainable and family friendly. Love to play and exercise.


Cocker Spaniel crossed with a Mini Poodle. Lower shed coat, active and outgoing. Medium size. Suitable for energetic children.

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For the ones who don’t know us yet, here are some information points:

  • We specialise in selling both pure and cross bred puppies from small to large breeds. See our gallery
  • We also sell other pets and pet goods and are known for our low prices, best range and best after sales service.
  • Our puppies are all vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped.
  • They have a 14 day health guarantee covering pup and vet costs, at Boronia Veterinary Clinic and a discount de-sexing voucher.
  • Trained staff, including 2 veterinary nurses can help with enquiries.
  • Detailed written information is given with each puppy and all owners are encouraged to contact us with any queries.
  • Our vet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is conveniently located in Boronia. Read more

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All our puppies are Microchipped and come with lifetime registration. A lost pet will be quickly reunited to you, but we still recommend an ID tag on the collar in case your pet is found by a neighbour.

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Meet the team

Animal Welfare.

ACA Breeders Kennels supports adoption of pets through animal welfare societies. We encourage all new owners to check with welfare societies before purchasing a puppy to see if there is an adult requiring a loving home.

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Puppy care

Puppy Care.

With every new little member of the family you want to make sure that you give it the best care possible. We have collected the most frequently asked questions in our info section.

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